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La “Fête de la CNV” has been “un grand cru” in Paris this year (2010) !

For the french version, see fr:Fête de la CNV.

Open letter to CNVC : So much variety, the same humanity

Here a translation of fr:Fête de la CNV 2010/Lettre ouverte au CNVC :

Dear Valentina, Margo, Gail, Stefan, Marshall

This weekend in Paris, the French Association for the NVC (ACNV) organized a party (for the second consecutive year). Last year, it was under the sign of India. This year it was Africa. In the afternoon, two hundred people attended workshops, met, have purchased books.

That evening we had the pleasure of welcoming friends of the Africa Circle.

Emmanuel Ndindiye, Marie-Louise Sibazuri, Jean-Baptiste Ndikuriyo, Leandre Simbananye, Pierre Muanda held conference, led by a journalist Malika Elkord, then there was an African meal and then our five friends with the woman of Emmanuel, Marie-Françoise, and two girls Marie-Josiane and Athera, showed a traditional dance, Pierre sang with his guitar, Marie-Louise gave a tale, an enjoyment and popular dances shared with 150 persons come in the evening.

It was a very happy time of communion with what lives in NVC in Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC), a party with as title: So much variety, the same humanity, borrowed from a book published by Vilma Costetti. While meeting within the circle of the French-speaking regions Pierre, Jean-Baptiste, Dieudonné and François had this idea of common party.

We took that very evening the resolution to send you a message to share our enjoyment and associate you to it. We so want to enrich the links in the NVC network and in particular with you.

With all our friendship, for all the presents in the evening,

Pierre, Jean-Baptiste, Dieudonné, François and the team who prepared this day

[Jean-Baptiste Ndikuriyo (Afric cercle), Pierre Muanda (Afric cercle), Dieudonné Dard (ACNV Board), François Dusson (ACNV president) : NVC french-speaking network coordination and regulation team members)]