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Beside feelings, people often use [[evaluative words]].  
Beside feelings, people often use [[evaluative words]].  
[[evaluative words | Here]] you will find suggestions for translating [[evaluative words]] to giraffe feelings and [[needs]].
[[translating evaluative words | Here]] you will find suggestions for [[translating evaluative words]] to giraffe feelings and [[needs]].

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Feelings when your needs are satisfied

AFFECTIONATE compassionate friendly loving open hearted sympathetic tender warm

CONFIDENT empowered open proud safe secure

ENGAGED absorbed alert curious engrossed enchanted entranced fascinated interested intrigued involved spellbound stimulated

INSPIRED amazed awed wonder

EXCITED amazed animated ardent aroused astonished dazzled eager energetic enthusiastic giddy invigorated lively passionate surprised vibrant

EXHILARATED blissful ecstatic elated enthralled exuberant radiant rapturous thrilled

GRATEFUL appreciative moved thankful touched

HOPEFUL expectant encouraged optimistic

JOYFUL amused delighted glad happy jubilant pleased tickled

PEACEFUL calm clear headed comfortable centered content equanimous fulfilled mellow quiet relaxed relieved satisfied serene still tranquil trusting

REFRESHED enlivened rejuvenated renewed rested restored revived

feelings when your needs are not satisfied

AFRAID apprehensive dread foreboding frightened mistrustful panicked petrified scared suspicious terrified wary worried

ANNOYED aggravated dismayed disgruntled displeased exasperated frustrated impatient irritated irked

ANGRY enraged furious incensed indignant irate livid outraged resentful

AVERSION animosity appalled contempt disgusted dislike hate horrified hostile repulsed

CONFUSED ambivalent baffled bewildered dazed hesitant lost mystified perplexed puzzled torn

DISCONNECTED alienated aloof apathetic bored cold detached distant distracted indifferent numb removed uninterested withdrawn

DISQUIET agitated alarmed discombobulated disconcerted disturbed perturbed rattled restless shocked startled surprised troubled turbulent turmoil uncomfortable uneasy unnerved unsettled upset

EMBARRASSED ashamed chagrined flustered guilty mortified self-conscious

FATIGUE beat burnt out depleted exhausted lethargic listless sleepy tired weary worn out

PAIN agony anguished bereaved devastated grief heartbroken hurt lonely miserable regretful remorseful

SAD depressed dejected despair despondent disappointed discouraged disheartened forlorn gloomy heavy hearted hopeless melancholy unhappy wretched

TENSE anxious cranky distressed distraught edgy fidgety frazzled irritable jittery nervous overwhelmed restless stressed out

VULNERABLE fragile guarded helpless insecure leery reserved sensitive shaky

YEARNING envious jealous longing nostalgic pining wistful

Beside feelings, people often use evaluative words. Here you will find suggestions for translating evaluative words to giraffe feelings and needs.