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No one else has written here, so I am going to go and write something *myself*, god-dammit!!

Expressing honestly, in Nonviolent Communication, is another way of saying "speaking from the heart". With NVC, there is a Four part model to help one do this. This is the old four-step Observation, Feelings, Needs, Requests gag applied here. So, to translate my first sentence above into an NVC means of expressing honestly, it would read as:

"When I notice that no one has written something for the "expressing honestly" entry [that's the observation] I feel annoyed and frustrated [that's the feeling] because I am wanting some consistency and completeness[that's the feeling], so I am going to go and write something myself [that's the request, made to myself in this case]"

It is recommended that when honest expression is being done, that is always end with a request of some sort. This is to help to avoid "dumping on" people, instead providing a means through which others can take in and respond to what was said, thereby hopefully further movement would come about in that issue.

- Parenthesis Eye


Hey PE, your contribution meets my needs for collaboration. Note that I've added the code to make your reference to the 4-part model a live link to that page just by using the title of that page in double square brackets (you can see them in Edit mode). You've inspired me to do a little structural work on that page so you can link to the individual parts of OFNR too. -jw4nvc