Compassion in Action Technology

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People helping out so far include Rick Smith, User:John Abbe, and User:Lmarvell


John still intends to get the word out to NVC web masters

wireless access at Mills - Erica will let us know next week

set up Drupal - for participants' names, photos, bios, sessions offered; Tony has volunteered, Linnaea will also work on it; domain name - we have

set up SynchroEdit (collaborative editing system for collective note-taking) - is willing to host it, waiting to hear back from them on next steps

recording hard/software for sessions, interviews -> podcasting - we're asking techies we know for help as none of us are audio/video experts

announcing tools available

tech support & training for wiki, Drupal, SE, etc.



reporting - written & audio & video?

audio visual devices - local, remote

tech support


Follow up - drupal

Harvesting/Learnings/Pass along strategies