Compassion In Action Sample Sessions

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Compassion In Action is an Open Space conference, so of course actual sessions will be decided by the participants at the conference itself. To give some idea of the kinds of sessions that might happen at the conference, the organizers brainstormed a list of possible sessions. Please feel free to add more:

What is the CNVC US project about? What are the goals and plans for this project after this conference?

Electronic communication to support distributed communities

Offering compelling NVC introductions


501(c)3 status

When conflict happens in NVC communities - mediation in your network or community

How to give feedback among workshop co-leaders - Offering your co-facilitator feedback

Nurturing leaderful practice groups

How to involve outside support, or Marshalling support (empathy for those who have organized for Marshall visit :-)

Marshalling support in your community

Lucy Leu and Dow Gordon - Freedom Project

Sura Hart - Education (or someone talking about education)

Thomas Caruso - Research about NVC

Possible International Restorative Justice gathering the week following conference

Mary Mackenzie - web course creation (anticipated site launch in Spring)


Inbal - parenting project

NVC Dance Floors - [1]

keeping spirits up when response is low (gratitudes? mourning?)

NVC Mediation - Ike Lasater [2] and John Kinyon [3]