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Planning page for Compassion In Action, conference of the NVC USA Project. Click the "edit" link at the top of any page to make changes. Contact User:John Abbe with any questions (or write them here). Note that in this wiki, one creates pages by putting double brackets around some words (rather than SmushingCapitalizedWordsTogether).

Compassion In Action - Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States

June 30 - July 2, Mills College (Oakland, California)

Format: Open Space

Registration page:

Frequently asked questions -- Compassion in Action FAQ

We're also using a mailing list:

Previous meeting notes and other archives:

Future meetings:


actions for everyone:

actions for Kit:

  • establish a Compassion In Action Budget, per person cost and clarify with Mills how many people we can accomodate total
  • clarify re people able to participate who stay off campus vs staying on

actions for John:

  • Organize a tech meeting re a website and other net tech for before/during/after the conference, to come up with a plan to present at the Feb 25 meeting.