Compassion In Action Invitation

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Partial draft invitation (anyone want to work on a fuller draft? If you come up with some good text while doing Compassion In Action Outreach, please add it here.):

Our vision is of a gathering of people from a mix of situations. Come if your area has well-established community(ies) or networks, is in the early stages of such development, or you're alone and just getting started to involve others around you.

We suggest you invite another person to come with, as we have more hope that you will have the support you need to keep the benefits of the conference going when you get home. In any case, you are also perfectly welcome to come alone.

We also want people from all parts of the country and as broad a spectrum as possible of age, class, color, and political inclinations.

Together we will celebrate successes, mourn setbacks and difficulties, and give and receive support.

Include some of the Compassion In Action Sample Sessions, as well as info about Open Space and Gina Lawrie (who will facilitate).

Jane: important to clarify that the intention/purpose of this event is to spread nvc, not on teaching nvc skills. [although of course we will connect, and learn some]

John: to spread nvc, to have an impact at the larger scales, and to connect/learn.

Rick: to lower the barriers to connection, both through creative application of NVC and through education and support of many ways to communicate (such as this wiki).

Read through Naming The NVC USA Conference for more elements we'd like included in the invitation.