American Summer Festival

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A proposed agenda for the first organizing call: (Feel free to edit it here, or contact John Abbe to offer input.)

  • Silence
  • Check-in:
    • whatever you need to say to help you be present, and
    • briefly why you're excited about this
  • The vision/invitation: An American NVC Summer Festival, in a different part of the Americas each year, with a culture that is leaderful - using Open Space, no formal/paid NVC teachers, with people taking turns facilitating after the organizers 'hold' the first couple of days - and family-friendly, inviting both individuals and families to reach across nuclear family boundaries for community-building, support and connection.
  • Questions and Answers about the vision, and people's experience at the European NVC Summer Festivals
  • Who, Where & When:
    • do any of us want to be the main organizer(s) for a 2009 or 2010 summer festival?
    • if not, explore and decide on next steps toward finding such people
  • What else?
    • other next steps if there's time & interest: who else to involve, money, etc.
  • Scheduling next call(s)
  • Check-out - celebration/mourning

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Next European Summer Festival is Sweden, August 9-16, 2009