American Summer Festival

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A proposed agenda for the first organizing call: (Feel free to edit it here, or contact John Abbe to offer input. You need an account to edit the NVC wiki. If you don't already have one, you can send your name to

  • Silence
  • Check-in:
    • whatever you need to say to help you be present, and
    • briefly why you're excited about this
  • The vision/invitation: An American NVC Summer Festival, in a different part of the Americas each year, with a culture that is leaderful - using Open Space, no formal/paid NVC teachers, with people taking turns facilitating after the organizers 'hold' the first couple of days - and family-friendly, inviting both individuals and families to reach across nuclear family boundaries for community-building, support and connection.
  • Questions and Answers about the vision, and people's experience at the European NVC Summer Festivals
  • Who, Where & When:
    • do any of us want to be the main organizer(s) for a 2009 or 2010 summer festival?
    • if not, explore and decide on next steps toward finding such people
  • What else?
    • other next steps if there's time & interest: who else to involve, money, etc.
  • Scheduling next call(s)
  • Check-out - celebration/mourning

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Next European Summer Festival is Sweden, August 9-16, 2009