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=Planning meetings=
=Planning meetings=
Next one will be organized soon; get on the mailing list to help select the date.
* [[ASF meeting 2008 Oct 3]]
* [[ASF meeting 2008 Oct 3]]
* [[ASF meeting 2008 Oct 17]]
* [[ASF meeting 2008 Oct 17]] (agenda), 10AM U.S. Pacific time, 1PM U.S. East, 2pm Brazil, 7pm France/Germany/Sweden) - Dial +1-712-580-7700, code 268273
* ??
* ??

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Some of us are organizing an American Summer Festival for 2009 - and beyond! It is modeled on the annual European Summer Festival, and other events we have enjoyed such as Circles of Hope, the New York Leaderful Gatherings, various Family Camps, etc.

Stay tuned for developments, or join our mailing list and contribute to the development yourself. We're using the NVC wiki here to keep records and organize ourselves. To get an account so that you can edit the wiki, send your name to nvcwiki@gmail.com.

Online chat we could use during the next call: http://ourpla.net/nvcchat.html (see Internet Relay Chat for more info).

Planning meetings