Minutes 11/16/08 - In Person Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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CNVC Board Minutes 11/16/08 Meeting

In attendance:

Board Members:

Gail Taylor – Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (by phone for most of the meeting)
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Not Present:

Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (parts of the meeting)
Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant


Georgina Forbes (US – Vermont), Glenda Mattinson, Communication Coordinator (Canada – Ontario), Noam (Israel), Pan Vera, IT Coordinator (US – Vermont), Susan Livingston (US – Virginia)
Facilitator: John Buck
Notetaker: Elin Skappel

Integration of NVC Community Input


  • Fundamentally there are two concerns that we want to give care to:
  • On one hand, we are hearing a number of community members with deep pain, hopelessness and despair about collaborating with CNVC because historically they have not had their needs met, and they want their needs attended to.
  • On the other hand, we have a rapidly transforming CNVC Governance that is attempting to reveal and embody integration of needs that we were not integrating as effectively before.
  • To tend to both of these, we want a) to actively hear what needs, yearnings and proposals come from people who want a separate organization, and b) we want to continue to be seen for attempting to integrate and embody the changes that have happened (even at just this meeting) toward the possibility that two organizations may not be necessary.


  • During the next board meeting the Board will review the comprehensive list of "Ongoing Discussion Topics" for full inclusion. Each affected CNVC Governance and NVC Global Network circle will be asked to start preliminary discussion and to create proposals on each topic listed, and to share the proposals via the CNVC Board feedback form. To allow time for discussion among groups, pre-decision input will be reviewed by the Board at the March Board Meeting. Circles are also invited to share strategies that help them meet their needs that did not involve CNVC Governance, that they could share with other circles for global benefit.


  • Our hope is to increase our effectiveness and global confidence around inclusion and co-created decision making. As of this meeting, 3 strategies are now in place for this.
  • 1.) adding a new Board Member whose role is to be a further channel for connection and representation between the CNVC Board and the NVC Global Network. Our tentative approach is that the board member be nominated from within the GCC (global groups can join the GCC or GCC regional circle to be heard and included). The Admin Team, representing the Board, intends to work with the GCC so that the representative reflects everyone's input.
  • 2.) quarterly inclusion in board meetings with a full hour dedicated to discussion with the global network representatives' about concerns and proposals, and
  • 3.) the online Board Feedback form (which can be used at any time).

Action Item:

  • The Board struggled with the question of how to be inclusive in making a co-creative decision and also move forward with action that would include greater representation from the network. Therefore, after 3 months of GCC Board Member inclusion, an email will be sent (through CNVC Trainers group, NVC Cert Candidate group, and Friends of NVC group) from the Board requesting feedback from the international community. This email will check whether the decision to add a GCC rep to the Board actually contributes to a sense of international representation and inclusion, and to ask that replies be submitted via the CNVC Board Feedback form on the CNVC web site. Anyone who wishes to provide input sooner than that is welcome to provide feedback at any time through the CNVC Board Feedback form on the CNVC web site.

Future Agenda Item:

  • During the next board meeting the Board will review the comprehensive list of "Ongoing Discussion Topics" for full inclusion, to provide direction

Board Roles

Observations & Needs:

  • The terms of the current President, Treasurer and Secretary expire November 2008.

Decision: Board President

  • Robert Gonzales’ term as Board President was extended one year.

Term: 1 year (November 2009)

Decision: Board Treasurer

  • Valentina Rosenberg’s term as Board Treasurer was extended one year.

Term: 1 year (November 2009)

Decision: Board Secretary

  • Margo Pair’s term as Board Secretary was extended one year.

Term: 1 year (November 2009)

Format of Meeting Minutes

Observations & Needs:

  • Needs: Ease, Clarity, Efficiency

Policy Decision:

  • The Board Meeting Minutes will only contain the following parts: Attendance, Topics, Decisions (with needs, observations listed with each decision), Action Items, Future Agenda Items, plus optional additional remarks if necessary. The minutes of the closing round will only reflect measurements and other remarks about the meeting process.

Closing Round Comments:

Robert: (Suggestion for next meeting:) Bring more chocolate! I feel very full, celebrating everything we've done on so many levels, for me the vision has come that much closer to manifest how we can include walking our talk. I continue to be hopeful, and very grateful for everyone's contribution. I am really looking forward to continuing the journey with you all - including everyone in the international network - the big "we" that we are all an aspect of.
Margo: I am filled with joy and hope that I can't contain, it's global. I sincerely appreciate the activity, the vulnerability that was shared, the honesty and willingness to be open. When we're with the one, we're with all of us, for me that meeting demonstrated that. I enjoyed the coming together of all the voices, and the support of many voices in the background.
Susan: For one time in my life, I am struck speechless! I am visualizing Robert and Margo waiting to go, extend appreciation particularly to them. Robert - holding the global community in your consciousness with such love and care, Margo for your enthusiasm and your work.
Gail: Grieving not having more spaciousness to part.
Mercedes: Overall appreciation to everyone, enjoying your struggling, gives me a source of hope to hear this conference, and I'm confident that people listening to these conversations will have more trust in the Board. Would like to see more international participation in the GCC.
Marshall: I certainly feel that what I have to say has already been said beautifully.
Valentina: Really celebrating the presence of everyone being here and thank you for the facilitation and all the other people working really hard to support us and for Robert your honesty and truth, you and Marshall coming together and sharing the vulnerability. I also feel enormous relief. A few years ago we were just purifying, but now we are almost past the purification, and restoring. It’s beyond us, beyond me, and I'm very grateful for the spirituality that we all carry, the power of love between all of us is just the tooth of the matter of walking our walk and talking our talk.
Gail: My heart keeps bursting, and then I am teary at the gratitude for being present, feeling your energy and laying eyes on you and getting to know you all as souls not just voices on the telephone, and just WOW! And ditto, and I can't wait to see all the miracles and messes that come from this! I really have hope for where this is going to take the global community over the next years, as a starting point! I am so joyful.
Stefan: Sitting here very touched, reflecting on the people involved and what's been happening. The changes I see happening with Margo's arrival and everything that has changed as a result of that functioning, Robert's arrival, Gail's arrival, increases my hope that we are getting to a point where we get this balance between doing everything in harmony with our consciousness, but also finding efficient ways of connecting with all these other amazing people out there like Dominic and Eva and everyone else, and to really get to cohesive action, beyond our dreams, so much is possible if we get this right. I feel very encouraged by everything that has happened recently.
John: I miss Stefan being here, and Eduardo wishing he could have been more part of this. Privileged to have been part of this.
Elin: This has been a really wonderful experience for me to see everyone come together in the way that you have, I feel so inspired and hopeful for what is going to happen in the future. Very touched.
Pan: Deep appreciation for being here throughout the meeting, helpful in representing me on the web site, understand where you are coming from and can incorporate my understanding of an expression of who you are into the web site. Thank you for bringing me in.
Georgina Forbes: Very much appreciate being here, being allowed to be here, and part of this process. Have been in many organizations in the past - appreciate the integrity and compassion that you all come together, wonderful leader, transition into a bigger picture, beautiful what is going on here!
John Stevens: An agony in being a voiceless observer, an urge to jump into the discussion at times. I want to acknowledge how much I admire all of you for being in this process and sticking to it with a clear sense of what is important to you.
Glenda: Felt so many of the words spoken already reflected what is true for me. How do I in the roles that I represent try to embody the spirit and the energy and the decisions you make? I am so grateful, as Pan said, to be here and getting a deeper understanding from being present.

The meeting was convened at 9 AM MST

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM MST


To provide input or feedback to the Board, please use one of our feedback forms:

  • If you want the input you provide to be immediately accessible by other members of our community, please use the form labelled "Public", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIunfDcZAl7RIEg .
  • If you would like your input to be visible only to the Board, please use the form labelled "Private", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIumNAcd-FNDVUA .

Both of these forms are available at any time from the bottom of any page of the CNVC website (www.cnvc.org) by clicking on the link "Provide input/feedback to CNVC Governance Teams".