Minutes 11/15/08 - In Person Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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CNVC Board Minutes 11/15/08 Meeting

In attendance:

Board Members:

Gail Taylor – Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (by phone for most of the meeting)
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Not Present:

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (parts of the meeting)


Georgina Forbes (US – Vermont), Glenda Mattinson, Communication Coordinator (Canada – Ontario), John Stevens (Canada – Ontario), Noam (Israel), Pan Vera, IT Coordinator (US – Vermont), Susan Livingston (US – Virginia).
Facilitator: John Buck
Notetaker: Elin Skappel

Meeting with NVC Regional Leaders

Present for this Agenda Item:

Board Members and observers as mentioned above, Anne Bourrit (Switzerland),

Barbara Larson (US – Washington), Isolde Teschner (Germany), Katherine Singer (Korea), Martine Marenne (Belgium)

Translators: French: Louise Romain (France), German: Nadine Helm (Germany)


  • Transcript of this meeting is available in the document Minutes 11/15/08 - Board Meeting with Regional NVC leaders - Part 2
  • A spreadsheet that analysed and categorized the issues and questions and opportunities addressed yesterday was distributed to the participants.
  • The topic for today’s meeting was Strategies; how to achieve or move towards the goals proposed by the participants.

Addressing Topics from the Meeting with NVC Regional Leaders


  • To meet needs a) for the international community to be heard, b) to increase inclusion in Board Decision Making, and c) to help more effectively disseminate Board concerns, questions and information out to the global population, the GCC (Global Community Circle) Representative to the Extended Leadership Team Forum will also be invited to sit on the Board.


  • The conversation with the international community such as we had at this meeting will continue to be a practice at Face to Face Board meetings. In addition, at two regular teleconference meetings per year, there will be a three-hour Board meeting at which one hour will be dedicated to communicating with people representing NVC groups.

Action Item:

  • The Board’s decision to invite a representative from the GCC to sit on the board will be taken to the GCC for discussion. The GCC will propose the length of term.

Term: The term will start when the GCC representative is available to participate.

Topics To Consider For A Possible Global Strategic Plan

  • The Board started to outline the topics that it would like to invite NVC groups to provide input on, to start exploring an overall NVC Community Strategic Plan.
  • This material appears in the following document which has been forwarded to Board members: DRAFT v2gm NVC Community StratPlan Topics 20081115.doc
  • To avoid confusion, this material will be shared with the rest of the NVC Community when the Board comes to agreement on the list of topics.

Future Agenda Item:

  • Strategic Planning : Items from Saturday November 15th, 2008.

The meeting was convened at 9:30 AM MST

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM MST


To provide input or feedback to the Board, please use one of our feedback forms:

  • If you want the input you provide to be immediately accessible by other members of our community, please use the form labelled "Public", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIunfDcZAl7RIEg .
  • If you would like your input to be visible only to the Board, please use the form labelled "Private", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIumNAcd-FNDVUA .

Both of these forms are available at any time from the bottom of any page of the CNVC website (www.cnvc.org) by clicking on the link "Provide input/feedback to CNVC Governance Teams".