Minutes 11/14/08 - In Person Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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CNVC Board Minutes 11/14/08 Meeting

In attendance:

Board Members:

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant (10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon – by phone)
Gail Taylor – Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (by phone for most of the meeting)
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Not Present:

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant (parts of the meeting)
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (parts of the meeting)

Observers: Georgina Forbes (US – Vermont), Glenda Mattinson, Communication Coordinator (Canada – Ontario), John Stevens (Canada – Ontario), Mercedes Frace (US – Florida), Noam (Israel), Pan Vera, IT Coordinator (US – Vermont),

Facilitator: John Buck
Notetaker: Elin Skappel

Meeting Schedule Over Next 18 Months

Proposal: Week-of-the-Month Based Meeting Schedule Starting 2010

Observations and Needs:

  • The current base schedule for the Board Meetings are the first two-digit Wednesday of the month. This sometimes falls on the 2nd week and other times on the 3rd week of the month.
  • The GCC, LT and Educational Services Teams have set schedules for a set week/month for their meetings (i.e. Monday of 3rd week of the month). Some of these groups would like to be able to coordinate the scheduling of their meetings relative to the Board meeting.


  • Consistency and ease in planning meetings for other CNVC teams.
Proposal: Starting 2010, a consistent schedule is set based on the week of the month

(e.g., 2nd week of each month) Action Item:

  • The Admin Team will take the time until next meeting and consider how a Board Meeting Schedule based on a set week per month will work for Marshall’s schedule.

Future Agenda Item:

  • Global Calendar accessible through the internet to facilitate schedule coordination between the Board Members and CNVC Teams. (December Board Meeting)

Meeting with NVC Regional Leaders

Present for this Agenda Item:

  • Board Members and observers as mentioned above, Anne Bourrit (Switzerland),

Barbara Larson (US – Washington), Dominic Barter (Brazil), Inbal Kashtan (US – California), Irmtraud Kauschat (Germany), Isolde Teschner (Germany), Jerry Koch-Gonzales (US – Massachusetts), Martine Marenne (Belgium), Miki Kashtan (US – California),

  • Translators: French: Godfrey Spencer (UK), German: Nadine Helm (Germany)


Admin Team Report (Margo Pair)


  • The Board joyfully accepts the Admin Team report and express deep appreciation for all the work that is being put into making CNVC able to support a global operation.

Educational Services Team Report (Valentina Rosenberg)

- Valentina Rosenberg sent via email a report of the Educational Services Team progress and meetings. A letter is also in process to be sent out to the network, with news and updates of what is happening within the Educational Services Team. Decision:

  • The Board accepts the Educational Services Team report with gratitude for all the work that has been done to create a collaborative process for certification and look forward to further growth to come.

Scholarship Committee Membership Observations and Needs:

  • The committee has consisted of a Board Member (Jori Manske), Admin Team Member (Valentina Rosenberg) and Gary Baran up until now. Jori Manske and Gary Baran’s positions will need to be filled.
  • Processes within Educational Services are being re-evaluated by the Educational Services Team, and the Scholarship process is among the processes that the Educational Services Team will be evaluating.
  • Needs: Efficiency, distribution of the Board’s responsibilities to Teams closer to the particular process.

Decision:  :*The Board asks the Admin Team be responsible for appointing the members of the Scholarship Committee.

Office Report (Randy Eoff)


  • The Board accepts the Office Report, with appreciation for the devotion and hard work that the staff put into their work.

Information Technology Report (Pan Vera)

  • IT Coordinator Pan Vera presented a slide show of the misc. areas that he is working on, including future projects.


  • The Board accepts the Information Technology report with a big “WOW!”

Action Item:

  • IT Coordinator Pan Vera will add the Power Point presentation to the website with voiceovers.

Communication Coordinator Report (Glenda Mattinso)

  • A report from Communication Coordinator Glenda Mattinson has been provided in the meeting package. The verbal report was continued the morning of Saturday November 15th.

Decision (final consent given Sunday November 16th):

  • Each Team will share with the network the feedback they have received via the feedback forms, within the restrictions placed by the ones providing the feedback, but each team has the choice in regards to how they set their priorities, as to when, how and if they address each piece of feedback.
Term: 3 months
  • Needs: Connection and transparency for the network, efficiency and autonomy for the teams in their prioritizing and day-to-day operation.
  • Observation: When the original decision was made, August 13, 2008, only two feedback forms were in place – the Feedback on Decisions Form, and the Feedback on Communication Form. Since then, a Feedback Form has been created and linked from the website for each CNVC Team (Leadership Team, CNVC Office, Information Technology, etc.)

Decision (Saturday November 15th):

  • The Board accepts the Communication Coordinator report with deep appreciation for Glenda Mattinson’s hard work and commitment.

Action Item:

  • Pan Vera will consolidate the information on global groups into a spreadsheet and distribute to the Board.

Future Agenda Items:

  • What are the interface avenues between individual trainers and groups of trainers and the CNVC Governance?
  • What information does the Board want to receive from the Communication Coordinator in her monthly report to the Board?

The meeting was convened at 9 AM

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM.


To provide input or feedback to the Board, please use one of our feedback forms:

  • If you want the input you provide to be immediately accessible by other members of our community, please use the form labelled "Public", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIunfDcZAl7RIEg .
  • If you would like your input to be visible only to the Board, please use the form labelled "Private", which is located at
  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p6HBFi7KGIumNAcd-FNDVUA .

Both of these forms are available at any time from the bottom of any page of the CNVC website (www.cnvc.org) by clicking on the link "Provide input/feedback to CNVC Governance Teams".