Minutes 11/13/08 - In Person Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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CNVC Board Minutes 11/13/08 Meeting

In attendance:

Board Members:

Gail Taylor – Board Member
Margo Pair – Board Secretary
Marshall Rosenberg – Board Member
Robert Gonzales – Board President
Stefan Wisbauer – Board Vice-President (by phone)
Valentina Rosenberg – Board Treasurer

Not Present:

Eduardo Montoya – Board Member Applicant

Observers: Glenda Mattinson, CNVC Communication Coordinator (Canada – Ontario), Jeff Brown (US – Missouri), Pan Vera, CNVC IT Coordinator (US – Vermont), Susan Livingston (US – Virginia)

Facilitator: John Buck
Notetaker: Elin Skappel

Announcements & Administrative Matters

  • The minutes from the November 3, 2008 Board Meeting were accepted

Financial Report (Margo Pair and Valentina Rosenberg)

  • Meeting Package includes Financial Report with Statement of Financial Position through September 30, 2008, Statement of Activities, Donation Reports and Investments Report.


  • The financial statements were accepted as presented.


  • The Treasurer will roll over CDs that mature in December into six-month CDs.

The new CDs will name positions (Board President, Board Treasurer, Admin. Dir.) rather than persons as signatories Review: Revisit in May 2009 at next Face-To-Face meeting. Needs: :* Security, financial stability and protection of funds. Observations:

  • $720,000 liquid assets as federally insured CDs are maturing in December.
  • There is an opportunity to roll the maturing CDs into longer term investments, or different types of investments.
  • The investments that the CNVC currently have yielded $12,000 in interest this year.

Strategic Planning – Board President Robert Gonzales’ Intro

    • The following is a synopsis, not a transcript**
John: In February, it was a nice moment when Robert reminded us to connect with what is meaningful to us so that we are coming from what really matters.
Robert: The basis of strategic planning is implementation of the consciousness that is shared, therefore it is important to define and articulate what that is: compassionate giving and receiving at all levels of groups and organization. Most present in my awareness is that there are three levels of this consciousness: individual (I), relationship (you) and group (we). It is important to define the "we" of our organization.
What is this group consciousness? I would like us all to be clear on that, so our following planning is consistent with what that is. Unless we do that, I don't think that what we do as a group will be consistent with what the value of NVC is. Important elements are shared power, group decision-making, "power with", inclusiveness with all the stakeholders in the organization on all levels. Since I joined the Board, one of the goals I had was to create one of the vehicles: the Communication Coordinator. I think that whatever this group consciousness is, it exists on all levels in concentric circles of inclusion.
One of the primary characteristics is that every voice be given the space to be heard. Then following, on every level of the concentric circle: group decision-making. If there is a person on any level that is not operating within the idea of letting every voice be heard and move towards decision making level, then we are not living in tune with the mission, vision and aim of CNVC.
Every individual is to have a consciousness and shared vision of everyone's needs that exists in the group on every level. For me the strategic plan needs to take that into consideration. Whether it's IT, circles, Board, to include all stakeholders: organizers, certified trainers, certification candidates, donors, etc. We need to define how they can be engaged in "power with" so they can influence the organization. Wanting to remember to include all the important stakeholders in every decision we make at any level of these concentric circles. I am happy we are including certain identified leaders in the NVC community in the international call tomorrow.
A living vision in our hearts, that is where this needs to come from. Sometimes we are coming from fear or defensiveness, or from a reactive place or a place of protection; this is part of life, and I want us to acknowledge it. One of the primary elements of the consciousness is the fullness and beauty of our needs. When we do not act from lack, but when we act from fullness and beauty, we are living in accordance with our hearts. Jeff Brown was alluding to this, how are we living this consciousness.

Other Board members built on and enhanced this opening statement in ways that met needs for connection and inspiration. In the interests of conciseness of the minutes, and to enable this material to be easily accessed in future, this discussion has been placed in a special file which is being made available to the NVC community: 11/13/08 - Strategic Plan Foundation

Agenda for tomorrow’s call

  • Plan for Friday is to have a deep check-in, what does NVC mean to you? Then asking What opportunities and issues do you see in the community looking forward? Then, if it is not clear what the key issues are, get understanding on what they are, prioritize those, and ask for comments on them.
  • Plan for Saturday is once we've explored the key issues, discuss how we put together this global community.
  • Marshall Rosenberg: There are other people that we wish to connect with, something we want to explore tomorrow, if there was anyone we missed.

Closing Round:

  • In accordance to the minutes policy of Nov. 16, 2008, only direct measurements of meeting process have been included, and the statements have been compacted.*
  • Jeff: Happy I came on the call, the beginning of the session was so heartfelt and expressed what I have been longing for. I am so touched. One example – Valentina, I was so moved and feel closer to you than I ever have. Things that Robert and Gail shared stimulated self awareness on my part.
  • Susan: I’m glad I joined the call, good to see things shape up.

Susan expressed concern about the sharing of the survey responses and strongly requested that the results be shared with the participants as soon as possible.

  • Elin: I am so inspired by what has been shared tonight.
  • Pan: Very encouraged to be here, resonated with Robert’s concentric circles of inclusion.
  • Glenda: It is very meaningful to me to be here in this room to discuss how NVC can be shared in the world, and am inspired to be in this room, connected with the energy.
  • John: I like the energy we’ve built up.
  • Robert: I feel energized and encouraged and reconnected, by being present with you all. Happy and eager for the next days.
  • Stefan: Very touched by Glenda, and hearing Jeff. I look forward to speaking with you all tomorrow.
  • Marshall: I am amazed at how far we’ve gone, given the complexity and number of issues, very pleased with what we’re doing.
  • Valentina: I am enormously inspired, grateful to The Divine Energy for guiding us and the presence that I feel that has really stimulated this Precious energy of real connection and compassion and love with all that we shared earlier. Very moved with what Jeff stated.
  • Gail: I was in tears hearing Glenda and Jeff speak, I am moved, hopeful, very full! I am just looking forward to tomorrow and continuing from there.
  • Margo: My heart is dancing and so is my soul. I look forward to our continuation.

The meeting was convened at 3 PM

The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 PM.


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